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I am Robby Gordon, a California-based contemporary abstract artist working in postmodern art and 3D art. Welcome to my website. I use innovative techniques to bring up emotions creating results in abstract,  postmodern art and art in three dimensions.


Through my abstract paintings, I hope to communicate a future vision of art. Every painting represents my feelings at a certain moment. These are expressions of joy, sorrow, empathy, and pity that I experienced at a certain moment and transmitted onto canvas with a fantasy of colors expressed in  postmodern art paintings and 3D artworks.

I might contemplate the painting for a very long time before beginning to paint, and according to my emotions at the moment when I paint, I create colors and tones that will come out of the canvas as a 3D painting, and strengthening into postmodern abstract paintings.

Although my paintings represent my feeling at an exact moment, they are influenced by the ageless words of sages. The importance of my paintings is how you react to them, the same as with your experiences in real life.

These abstract paintings are mixed media with several overlapping layers of paint, and also with layers of colors solidified on non-adhesive surfaces, which I peel off and glue back onto the canvas, creating a painting with three dimensions.




I am a human, feeling and creating. I see everything in an array of abstract colors and this creates the impression which becomes my fantasy in paint.



I want you to have feeling, reaction, your own interpretation of what you see; I want you to bring your own association to my creations.

I am in a place of knowing when I paint but before you look at what influenced me I want you to express your own feeling. I want to bring out the artist in you. Your interpretation is as important as mine.


As my imagination is very vivid I do not stay in the two dimensional but I exit the two dimensional world to be in the three dimensional world with no distinction between painting and sculpture.


My painting starts in my brain, goes to my heart and extends and is expressed through my body and my hands.


I want to thank you for visiting my site getting involved with contemporary and modern art.


Thank you for visiting my website, I hope that you understand what I mean by postmodern, contemporary modern,3d, abstract art.


Robby Gordon, Artist


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